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April 14, 2021

Superflex IDP Mock Draft

Superflex IDP Mock Draft
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14 Round SuperFlex IDP Mock Draft! 7 offensive players and 7 defensive players will be drafted by each of the 12 managers!

Draft Order + Twitter Handle

1.01 Fantasy Football Hustler @FFhustler420

1.02 B Man (Fantasy Savant) @Hombrevender

1.03 Stephie Smalls @stephiesmallls

1.04 Rumboyz Robbie @RumboyzR

1.05 Jordan Rains @50shadesofdrunk

1.06 E.A. @ThatGuyEA

1.07 Mike Valverde @RFLRedZone

1.08 Devin @sillywhiteboyyy

1.09 Major Caldwell @way2majorGuruFF

1.10 Dynasty Dushanes @Dushanes_

1.11 Hollywood @HollywoodTitan

1.12 Jfisher710

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