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Amazing whether new or vet

I love listening to Alex’s podcasts! I recently started fantasy and he has been so helpful with it all. I found him through Facebook but it also turns out my cousin who has been playing fantasy for years listens to Alex too. He gives great advice and I’m excited for more podcasts

Awesome, Smart & Funny

Fantasy Football Hustler is seriously one of the best fantasy football podcasts!! The guy totally knows his stuff, has awesome advice & so funny!! You’ve got to listen! It will up your fantasy football game!

Incredible show! Love the energy.

The energy and insight in this show is some of the best I’ve seen yet. You can tell he is in this because he loves it and it shows in his product. Quality stuff week in and week out and some of the best insight I’ve seen in the industry!

Love This Guy!

Whether you’re new to fantasy or you’re a veteran there’s always questions to be answered. Sometimes you second guess yourself so it’s really good to get someone’s expert opinion. This dude has helped 1000’s of people. I witness him doing so week after week. I’ve been doing this for well over 10 years now and I even ask him advice. The Hustler is legit. Support the Hustle! Be there for the come up so you can enjoy the top when he reaches it 🤟🏼 -TheFF_Ninja

5 Stars

Alex is always on point. He’s on multiple platforms and always has the most valid opinions (aka facts) so I’d highly advise to check him out on YOUTUBE as well. DROPPING KNOWLEDGE ON THE REGULAR

Follow Everywhere You Can!

Alex is on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube...and if you can spare a buck or more a month, support him on Patreon. Smart and engaging...and if a FF analyst does not play in IDP leagues (look it up if you don’t know), they shouldn’t be giving advice.

The Fantasy Hustler has been giving me advice on Facebook since 2016

Make sure you subscribe! The fantasy hustler has been giving me advice thru a Facebook group since 2016. The best thing he does is gives weekly waiver wire adds during the season!