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Best channel

He the best fantasy football podcast put in the work great content and always a lot of laughs during the stream

Hustler Podcast Podcast Review.

Great content. Very informative listen for fantasy football fanatics.

Solid pod!

Love the energy!!!

Very knowledgeable

Lots of good information. Very helpful and always willing to answer your questions .

The real deal Boyz and girls

I been fk with the hus for a while now. Definitely always up today on the news from around the way. Even when dudes sick as a dog he still gets up and puts in the work to get your fantasy team Right… definitely check this out can’t go wrong!!

Best Fantasy Football content!!

These guys are the real deal. The content delivered on the daily is unique, on point and will absolutely help you dominate your Fantasy Football leagues…if you know you know!!

Great Information

Thank you outstanding show Hustler!!!

Hustler out here hustling for the people

Love all the information homie brings to the game…especially for the IDP crowd. - TDS Taco

Fantasy football hustler puts in work

He’s always getting the information you need to win your matchup and works on his craft 24/7 definitely worth your time to follow and listen to the pod cast or on YouTube (zoo crew)

FF Hustler does the most not only for his patreon supporters, but for any one that tunes in.

Content is consistent throughout the week and always up to date, vibes are always fire in the streams especially and no one is ever left out or has a question go unanswered. Just goated, come join the community!

Great guy

Hustler is very helpful and really helps in any way he can . He took me on from a paid leagues newbie and showed me a lot over these past few months .


No one is grinding as hard in the game as hustler! Always appreciate making the time for the community and hosting leagues! You will not be disappointed!

Amazing work!

Alex is the real deal, he puts a lot of good information videos, mock draft practice , draft help one on one! He will sit there and help and talk decisions through each other, someone I appreciate and glad I followed !

Awesome Sauce

This guy is definitely one of the best research and Informative podcasts on the market, highly recommended


He the best fantasy football podcast put in the work

He’s the real deal

He puts in the work and dedicates the time to putting you in the best position possible to win your league, thanks for the hard work

Best Fantasy Football Expert Out Here

The Hustler takes the time and effort that many experts and analysts do not take these days. He gives detailed analysis into all questions he is asked and each piece of content he produces throughout the week! Alex creates multiple forms of content such as Starts and Sits of the week for EVERY position and EVERY game. He does Waiver Wire Videos as well as for OFFENSE and DEFENSE! To top it all off, he does FOUR live streams throughout the week to help ALL Fantasy Players out! SIGN UP on his website, FANTASYFOOTBALLHUSTLER.COM , it is not expensive at all (Literally $1 or $5 a month). You can literally DM him and he will answer within ONE HOUR!! Take advantage of a resource like him, it’s so worth it!! You can’t anything he provides anywhere else!!

Dood puts in work

No lie, i get notifications all around the clock about new content coming out.

Great Fantasy Podcast

There are a lot of good fantasy podcasts out there but the Hustlers do a great job giving you a competitive advantage with all the research they do

FF Hustler

I started following on Facebook & followed the live streams. Podcasts are good to listen to for on the go content! Alex is helpful & building his brand. Check him out on YouTube & Facebook to keep up with live content as well!

Fantasy Football Hustler is the Man!

Do you want great content, individual breakdowns, constant breaking news and player updates, and honestly want to win your fantasy football league? Fantasy Football Hustler is the man for you!


Best fantasy show to watch thank you for all your help

Thanks for the content

Thanks for all the content and Fantasy football advice! Really appreciate it! Please choose me for the Jonnu Smith signed mini helmet 🙏🏻 he’s on my team 😁.

Love it!!!!

Very detailed show!! He almost never takes the obvious picks to sit or start. I will continue to watch or listen to him wherever he goes. Good job sir!!!

What are you waiting for?

Alex takes the time to do all the research you wish you could! Just this season he has helped me in my IDP leagues by telling me to pick up Kyzir White before any of my league mates knew who he was. That man has been on a tear and I would not be undefeated in my main dynasty league without that pick up. On top of that just yesterday he said Herbert would go for 300 yard and 3 TDs and Mike Williams would explode if he played. Just take a look at the box score from MNF Charger vs Saints that took place on 10/12. Talk about hitting the nail on the head!

Great Host

Good show with a great host. Alex is truly a hustler and is really knowledgeable about all things fantasy football. Great show to follow and a great guy to follow on Facebook and Twitter!

Super knowledgeable

I love the passion and the energy he always brings. You can see that this guy cares and know a lot about football! I’m always excited for his new posts! Those are the guys that football needs!

Best Advice Around

This guy gives the best advice I have ever seen! His advice is better than the so called experts. If need crucial advice I suggest Fantasy Football Hustler.

1st time listening and the podcast is great!

It was my 1st time listening and it was great! Tons of fantasy football advice. He crushes it with the way he explains it. It’s like a friend helping. Answers everyone’s question. I’m defiantly gonna listen to more and watch the YouTube videos. Thanks Darrell H