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Sept. 17, 2022

Hustler Fantasy Football Leagues Week 2 Recaps & Previews

Hustler Fantasy Football Leagues Week 2 Recaps & Previews
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Join Alex The Fantasy Football Hustler, & Bogard Scott Free from the GMM Network & the 420 Crew for the weekly Hustler League recaps & previews! Hustler will be previewing the 32 team Marvel league, the Deebo snatch your chain leagues & Hustler Dynasty Leagues #1 - #5

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0:5:00 Best Ball Tourney

0:23:30 Marvel League 32 Team

0:47:45 QB Absurdity

0:51:30 Deebo Snatch Your Chain Leagues

1:01:00 Guillotine League

1:06:45 Hustler #6 Dynasty League

1:34:00 Hustler #7 Dynasty League

1:38:30 Hustler #8 Dynasty League

1:42:50 Hustler #9 Dynasty League

1:36:40 WWF #10 Dynasty League

1:53:40 WWF #11 Dynasty League

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