Shout out to the 420 Crew
March 17, 2021

Hangin' with the 420 Crew Episode 1

Hangin' with the 420 Crew Episode 1

Join the Fantasy Football Hustler for the 1st Installment of Hangin with the 420 Crew! The show where we break down the 420 stigmas while we have fun and talk about a lot of random topics!

For the debut episode we have 2 very special guests from the RUMBOYZ FANTASY NETWORK, We got Rumboyz Robbie and Bogard Scott Free who is also representing the GMM Network!

In this episode we will be talking about a lot of cannabis related topics, such as Smoking preference, Favorite all time strains, Best Stoner movies and then we are going to get deep on how 420 helps mental health issues!

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