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Oct. 6, 2021

Fantasy Football 2021 | Week 5 WR Starts & Sits Every Matchup

Fantasy Football 2021 | Week 5 WR Starts & Sits Every Matchup
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Fantasy Football Hustler breaking down every matchup of the week for WR! Make sure for specific start sit questions for your lineup show up to any of the 4 Q&A live stream the Hustler puts on weekly!

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0:00 Intro

0:18 Hustler Intro

0:52 Seahawks Vs Rams 

1:24 Falcons Vs Jets

2:07 Texans Vs Patriots 

2:51 Vikings Vs Lions

3:39 Washington Vs Saints

4:18 Jaguars Vs Titans

5:09 Bucs Vs Dolphins

6:05 Bengals Vs Packers

7:27 Steelers Vs Broncos

8:35 Panthers Vs Eagles


10:39 Raiders Vs Bears

11:50 Chargers Vs Browns

12:31 Cowboys Vs Giants

14:01 Cardinals Vs 49ers

15:26 Chiefs Vs Bills

16:53 Ravens Vs Colts

18:15 Hustler’s Final Thoughts

19:00 Outro

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