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Dec. 15, 2020

Fantasy Football 2020 | Week 15 WR Starts & Sits Every Matchup

Fantasy Football 2020 | Week 15 WR Starts & Sits Every Matchup
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Fantasy Football Hustler breaking down every matchup of the week for WR! Make sure for specific start sit questions for your lineup show up to any of the 4 Q&A live stream the Hustler puts on weekly!

0:00 Intro

0:25Chargers@ Raiders

1:23 Bills @Broncos

2:33Panthers@ Packers

3:25 Buccaneers @Falcons

4:58 49ers @Cowboys

5:41 Lions @Titans

6:32Texans@ Colts

7:28 Patriots @Dolphins

7:55 Bears @Vikings

8:45 Seahawks @Washington

9:29Jaguars@ Ravens

10:16Jets@ Rams

10:35 Eagles @Cardinals

11:16 Chiefs @Saints

11:59 Browns @Giants

13:15Steelers@ Bengals

15:04 Outro

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